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club chair

I’m creative and crafty….but….

Will I ever attempt a reupholstering job like this again….???? Probably. ( : I mean I gave birth again after the first crazy experience didn’t I? Ah, the things we forget. If you’ve ever thought of recovering a chair take a look see at Ryan in action.

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 Tin Parade News 1 Comment

Kristen hates the word VLOG!

My TP other half thinks Video and Blog just don’t make the perfect…Bennifer…or Brangelina…for her ….shhhhh…(whisper) vlog… for Kristen it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard….sorry KG….I decided to post our first…..plug your ears!….VLOG!   Okay KG you can unplug now…So I decided to attempt reupholstering a chair (no not THE chair, if you’ve read my other posts)….not like just covering dining room chair seats either….been there done that….easy…this….not so easy… it is so tempting to give up and call a reupholsterer….but…I push forward….I am not a quitter!…gonna take you all on my journey.   Yes, I’m going to VLOG about it. Sorry!!!! ( :

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