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Hello Universe….you rang?

Here it is…the unveiling of the chair I’d been searching for….you like?  Say yes please.  So many hours went into finding the perf chair..yes I meant to write perf…isn’t it perf?

Okay so this is random….Remember how I bought this chair off an interior designer…??  Say yes.  Okay so he wasn’t so much, a full time interior designer yet..but he’d done a lot for friends and things but you know ,didn’t even have his own website and all that jazz….anyhow, I loved his style..his home…all of it… and told him he HAD to submit photos online..well he did…cut to a couple of weeks ago I go to Architectural Digest Magazine online and up pops his face….AND his fabulous chairs…then cut to…me literally running into him at F and S fabric on Pico (los angeles) with the stroller in full mom garb WITH I might add the swatch of fabric in my hand for his chair….bizarro….Hello Universe. You rang?   He told me that after I left he thought about what I said and DID take photos…submit online….and then get his website up.

Here is Shawn Meaux”s website if you are interested in more of his fabulous chair…he’s also available for interior design consultation.

I love the whole idea of inspiring someone to do something they are good at and love….what do you love?  What do you want to do? Do you let your mind wander to what you want to do..but then push it out of your mind?  Stifling yourself won’t make the thoughts go away…they will come back later but have resentment attached to them.  Tin Parade Vintage Party Goods wasn’t built in a day…but it was built one day at a time.  Do it.   Just do it now.

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