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vintage chair

I’m on a quest for a chair and it’s killing me!

Okay everyone calm down! There are too too many choices for me. I am trying to find the perfect chair for my living room…. An addition that really says….I’m all grown up. You know that chair..the one that says everything you are trying to say with the entire living room and just ties everything together in one fell swoop..that chair exists right?

This is like when I go shoe shopping and try to find a pair of black shoes that will work with jeans, skirts, shorts, pants….If you have found that pair of black shoes by the way, please let me know.

However, because I know you all love vintage as much as I do, I have to tell you about this store I happened upon in my quest for the holy’s in Los Angeles and is called Tini.

It’s not’s a good size actually, enough room for many great finds…Tini stands for This Is Not Ikea.  No ma’am it’s not!

It’s all about showing some love to the old forgotten 1963 salt and pepper shaker that you know your great aunt had…or that plug in percolating coffee pot pre starbucks days.  The idea that everything old is new again makes me feel like at least some in this crazy, overly consumer, filling landfills by the month society, does actually appreciate the; work, creativity, energy and history that went into much of these kitchy items.  I like to think that someday someone will go to a place just like this and pay an ungodly amount of money for….that ikea chair you just bought last week. ????

Will our kids love things then that we hate now? That’s a ponder for another day…today I have GOT to find a chair. I would love love love to order one from Anthropologie. I think they are classic but with a daring great fabric.  Perfect!  But have you seen the price.  Ouch!  I am trying to be patient…I think the chair will find me…somehow…things always do.   For now tho…you must give some love with a little click click to see Tini


by Tin Parade Vintage Party Goods

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