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So you suffered another bop on the head from a stray juggling ball while trying to cook dinner? And you say he recently started riding Fido around the house like a horse and trying to get him to jump through hula-hoops? Sounds like you might have a little ringmaster on your hands. Celebrate your budding master of ceremonies with a circus-themed party.

The Circus Party includes:
Custom designed invitations and matching thank you notes
A wooden reproduction circus sign
Green tin ice tub
Two big-top striped runners
Custom-made napkins
Three replica tin toys for centerpieces:
   spinning top, elephant on a bike, and clown drumming
Green tin plates
Popcorn cartons
Classic cone hats
Red clown noses
Big-top pinball game favors

Circus Party for 8: $265.00
Circus Party for 16: $375.00

The following items are sold A La Carte:
Invites and thank you cards, sign, tin ice tub, runner, elephant on bike, tin plates, pinball favor games.

Parties for 8 include 10 invites and thank yous. Parties for 16 include 20 invites and thank yous.
Green tin plates are not microwave or dishwasher safe

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