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Are you constantly finding pinecones and rolly pollies in your child’s pocket? Are her best friends the furry creatures she meets in the backyard? It sounds like your nature lover worships the ground that she walks on. Before your little one grows up to save the world, do your part by celebrating her birthday in an entirely earthy fashion.

The Green Party includes:
Invitations & thank you notes on 100% sustainable forest pulp
A sustainable wooden sign showing children enjoying nature
A custom-made runner of hemp, 100% wool felt and vintage fabric
Bamboo plates
Wooden tree centerpiece, 16” high, cut from eco-timber
Hanging shapes from nature cut from sustainable wood
Crayons to color the nature shapes, made from real discarded twigs
Hand-sewn organic canvas favor bags with vintage fabric
Butterfly & dragonfly plantable paper (great for the favor bags)

Green Party for 8: $295.00
Green Party for 16: $490.00
(Includes extra runner)

The following items are sold A La Carte:
Invites and thank you cards, custom plates, crayons, butterfly and dragonfly plantable papers.

Invites and Thank You Cards
The invite and thank you card paper is made from 100% certified
sustainable forest pulp. The paper is created at a river-based paper mill that runs on hydroelectricity.

Wooden sign
The wood for our sign is biodegradable. When the wood is cut, no water or chemicals are used and the logs come from companies that practice sustainable yield forestry techniques.

The runner is brown canvas which is created from a hemp and organic cotton blend and is both sustainable and biodegradable. The felt decorating the runner is made from 100% wool and was purchased from a company that works exclusively with eco-friendly natural fiber products and processes. Fibers are bought locally from spinners and farmers whenever possible, with the wool core fiber coming from Mennonite farms. The fabric decorating the runner is vintage.

Bamboo Plates
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and is the perfect non-timber alternative. Our 100% bamboo plates reflect the
environmentally friendly reduction of pressure on forests through wood substitution. The bamboo in our plates was peeled directly
from the stalks, contains no bleaches or dyes, and is completely biodegradable.

Wooden Tree Centerpieces
Informed by the manufacturer, “These enchanted trees are beautifully crafted out of environmentally friendly plywood from
plantation forests to allow the simplicity of the wood grain to shine. The eco-timber is finished with non toxic varnish and inks
safe for children and the environment.”

Hanging shapes from nature
These whimsical shapes were cut from biodegradable wood. This wood comes from companies that practice sustainable yield forestry techniques.

Twig Crayons
These twig crayons are hand-made from discarded wooden twigs in Poland. During the winter months, planned areas of mature
forests are cleared of underbrush, bushes and small unwanted trees in order to improve the environment for the mature oak and
white pine. These small bushes and trees are used to make these crayons. The branches are sorted by wood type and girth, cut to
standard lengths and put to store for drying. The most common woods used are birch, willow, ash and elm.

Canvas Favor Bags
Each child’s favor bag is handmade from organic cotton canvas and lined on the inside with vintage material. Also, the felt is 100% eco-spun polyester made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Unlike many mass-produced party goods, these bags are unique and were created especially for our Green Party!

Butterfly and Dragonfly Plantable Paper
These butterfly and dragonfly favors are made from 100% recycled cotton rag, a natural by-product of the textile industry left over from textile mills. An alternative to tree pulp, cotton rag is a very pure form of cotton for paper and makes beautifully soft and wonderfully textured specialty paper. The plantable paper will sprout when planted in the soil and children can watch and discover which kinds of wildflowers pop up!

Parties for 8 include 10 invites and thank yous. Parties for 16 include 20 invites and thank yous.

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